Latest News

New Management Team

April 2017 has seen a change in management/staff structure at the centre.

Here is the team so far:

  • Centre manager - Amy Stalker.
  • Office administrator - Fiona Messeter. 
  • Accounting - Andrew Blakeman.
  • Maintenance - Laboursave and The Reconnection Project
  • Housekeeper - position vacant

The new team are here to help you.

We look forward to meeting you on your visit to the centre and pray you will be blessed during your stay.

Latest Improvements Completed

We aim to continually improve the facilities offered at the Windmill Christian Centre.
Some of our latest improvements over the past year include:

  • New stair lift.
  • New stair carpets.
  • Redecoration and new layout of office.
  • Redecoration and layout of staff accommodation.
  • New roof on the conference hall.
  • New games equipment.
  • New fridges and freezers in the kitchen.
  • New pots, pans and food processor.
  • New TV, projector and sound equipment.

Improvements Being Progressed

The following are projects being progressed as we continually improve the facilities offered at the Windmill Christian Centre. Improvement projects include:

  • Completion of the fully accessible bathrooms.
  • Installation of audio facility in kitchen to link with the meeting room.
  • Landscape and tarmac rear gate area.
  • Replacement of all living room and meeting room chairs.
  • Fully accessible toilet on first floor.
  • Outside storage.
  • BBQ area.

Donations and Gift Aid

To help achieve the upgrading and maintenance program now started we require to raise a substantial amount of funding. If you are able to help in any way, donations can be made via post to the address shown under "contact" or alternatively call us for further details.

If you are a tax payer you can increase any gift or donation by around 25% by completing a Gift Aid Declaration. Please consider this as the form is simple and can be found by clicking here.

The Windmill Christian Centre is owned and operated by The Berea Trust Ltd. Registered Charity SC022258.