DD11 1QG - Arbroath

The purpose

The advancement of the Christian faith by the provision of holiday and conference facilities, in a suitable Christian atmosphere, primarily for young people in order that they may have daily bible study with particular emphasis on evangelism, bible teaching and training for leadership, and by the provision of appropriate sporting and recreation facilities to encourage initiate, learn new skills, develop interpersonal relationships and through all this develop Christian character and become a good Christian influence within society. 

We will connect with the local community by providing facilities for other Christian charitable bodies to engage in relation to work based skills and the resulting therapeutic advantages.

The provision

Accommodation for Summer Camps, Youth weekends, Church outings and conferences has been an increasing problem in recent years. The Berea Trust Ltd. was formed to purchase a building to help resolve these accommodation problems. God answered our prayers in a remarkable way enabling such a building to be provided.


I came to serve at the centre in May 2014. I moved here from the foot of the Ochil hills near Stirling. I was part of Alva Baptist church while I lived there. It is so exciting to be part of God’s work here!

 My favourite hobby is riding my 600cc motorbikes. I have been involved with CMA (Christian Motorcyclists Association) since 2009, taking the Gospel message to bikers where they gather. I am also a keen horse rider having competed showjumping and cross country for years.


Hello, my name is Robert. My home town  is Wolverhampton, however i have lived in the Dundee area since 2014. I have been involved in different local projects encouraging those who are interested in art and met some wonderful people. I have been painting for many years and you may see some of my work around the Windmill.

Loving all things practical and having had a wide range of experience in grounds work and fixing things in general I started to volunteer in 2018 here at the Windmill.

2022 has allowed me to settle into the job position as maintenance man at the Windmill Christian Centre.

It is an honour to be working with good colleagues who have become my family here in Scotland, and i hope i can make a difference  in the functioning of the Windmill for those who visit. 


I work for Laboursave and have been part of the Windmill team since 2017. I also work with The Reconnection Project in Dundee. I feel so blessed that part of God’s plan for my life is to serve at the Windmil lwho have become my family.

I live in Dundee, however I am very proud to be a Welsh man, hence the name TAFF. Come and have a chat if you see me as I always have a joke to tell


 The current Windmill team was brought together in 2017. We all feel called here by God and privileged to be part of the Windmill ministry. Each of us have different gifts which put together make a friendly, hardworking and happy place to work as a result this helps to provide a caring and comfortable environment for all who visit.

Laboursave  plays an important part of our staffing, this subcontract covers the maintenance of the building


The Windmill has always been supported well by volunteers from local churches as well as further afield like Germany and Australia who have worked countless hours in the building and grounds. We are so grateful to them. We have a summer voluntary work placement for a young person sponsored by their church. Contact our office for more information.


Since 2017 The Windmill has worked closely with the Reconnection Project in providing practical experience and training in garden maintenance, general landscaping and interior decorating.

Further information about these opportunities can be found at:

The Windmill also provides facilities for those interested in art work, card making, sewing, woodwork, clay modelling, basic first-aid and food hygiene. Please contact our office