Windmill Christian Centre

DD11 1QG - Arbroath

The calendar below shows current bookings


All bookings are subject to agreeing with the aims & mission of the Trust, its terms & conditions of use, its leaders pack and cancellation charges. Please see our website or booking form for further details. The Trust reserves the right to apply any charge for damages, legal or professional fines, cleaning costs or losses incurred as a result of the groups booking as may be applicable. Any charge will be invoiced to the group.

All payments made to The Berea Trust Ltd are non-refundable & non-transferrable in the event of you cancelling or amending a booking. Cancellation or non-arrival will result in the forfeiture of any pre-payment. We recommend the Hirer acquires adequate independent cancellation insurance to cover any event which would result in a booking being cancelled.

Where the minimum payment has not been paid the following conditions still apply to any part or full cancellation: 100% of the minimum payment x the number of cancelled nights will be payable within 12 weeks of the booking date.

We accept BACs transfers, Cheques and cash