Windmill Christian Centre

the property

Many churches and youth groups have benefited from time away together. People of all ages have become Christians and had their Christian lives enriched through weekends or youth camps. The purpose of the Windmill is to develop a self-catering centre in a Christian atmosphere for use by groups to learn about the Christian faith and enjoy fellowship in informal surroundings.

ground floor

The front porch provides a place for outdoor shoes and wet coats, our main door has a code lock which is changed for every group. In our reception room there is an area to sit comfortably. The Windmill office is located off this room; there is a first aid point and a fire exit map by the office door. Our 2 fully accessible bedrooms are also located off the reception room.

There are public toilets both in the function suite and on the way up to the kitchen from reception.

We have a fully fitted kitchen and servery which provide ample storage and food preparation space, they are stocked with crockery and cookware. There are 2 large fridges and 1 large freezer in the food store next to the kitchen and 1 under counter fridge in the dining room. The servery houses a lift top dish washer and a dry bain-marie. Our dining room sits up to 84 people in one sitting and has a table top boiler and filter coffee machine. Larger groups may want to set up their dining room in the function suite next door; this room can sit up to 150 people.

The back door out of the function suite now has a ramp to the car park or takes you to the stairs for the new bin area at the rear gate.

The main staircase has been fitted with a stair lift for those who may need it, enjoy the stain glass on your way up.


The meeting room has seating for 90 people and has a terrific view across the lawn to the coast. This room has a screen, projector, sound mixer, wall speakers and keyboard for use.

We have two lounge areas, one seating 65 and the other seating 25. These can be joined together for your group on request.

There is a small kitchen located off the big lounge with a fridge for making tea and coffee.

There are 6 ensuite bedrooms with extra public toilet/shower rooms in the corridor.

second FLOOR

This floor has 11 ensuite bedrooms with extra public toilet/shower rooms in the corridor

 rooms 5 and 7 have their shower in bath tubs.

Ground Floor
First Floor
Second Floor